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Have you ever thought about working with a PEO? Maybe you’re hesitant because you feel you’d spend money on something you don’t truly need or because you’ve heard that partnering with one means you have less control over your business. That second point isn’t technically true, and the first point is likely blatantly false. In fact, the following are several signs that indicate you need a PEO.

You’re Losing Employees to Companies with Better Benefits

What does your employee turnover rate look like? It’s wise to keep track of turnover rates and the reasons people have for leaving. If you notice that employees are leaving because whatever benefits you offer pale to those offered by other companies, that’s a sign that you would benefit from working with a PEO. PEOs give small businesses access to better benefits than what they are typically able to offer on their own.

Onboarding Paperwork Is Incomplete

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in onboarding a new employee. If your focus is split between onboarding and any of the other tasks you have on your plate, you may find that the paperwork isn’t filled out or that it’s not done correctly. That can lead to payroll issues that get you in hot water with the IRS. If that starts happening, outsource your onboarding to a PEO. They’ll make sure everything is completed properly and squared away.

You’re on the Hook for Compliance Violations

Compliance is a big deal in business. Failing to maintain HR-related government compliance can see you landing on the wrong side of employment laws. That can result in fines, penalties, and even lawsuits. It doesn’t help that employment laws are regularly changed, updated, or added to. It can be tough to keep up with it all. If you find out you’ve committed a compliance violation, start working with a PEO to prevent it from happening again in the future. They’ll keep track of the ins and outs of employment laws and make sure you comply with them so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Every business should carefully consider whether or not the money that comes in is being used as optimally as possible. Sometimes you have to spend a little more to make a little more. If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance that the best thing you can do for your business from financial, HR, and compliance standpoints is to partner with a PEO.

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