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When you need a new employee, the first thing you do is figure out what the job requirements are and create a job posting. Once you have applicants, you begin the interview process. From there, you identify your preferred candidate and extend them an offer. Once they accept your offer, it’s time to start the onboarding process. Onboarding employees isn’t always easy and doesn’t always go smoothly. So what can you do to make it better?

Complete Paperwork and Transition between Jobs

The time between when your offer is accepted and your new employee’s first day is critical. How smoothly this part goes has a significant impact on the impression the employee has of your company. Accuracy and clarity are crucial. Mistakes and misunderstandings will have them second-guessing their decision to work for you. During this time, make sure they have the paperwork they need to complete the onboarding process. Give them adequate time to get it done and make the transition between jobs. Let them know what to expect on their first day. If they are relocating to work for you, go the extra mile and help them find a new place to live if needed.

Welcome New Employees

Employees want to feel valued, which makes welcoming them on their first day an important step in the onboarding process. Hold a new employee orientation (something your PEO partner can assist with) to help them familiarize themselves with their new workplace. New employee orientation is a great time to cover policies and procedures, company culture, attendance, payroll, and workplace layout. Remember to introduce them to the rest of their team too. Keep day 1 simple. This is not the time to overwhelm them.

Provide Job-Specific Training

Your success depends on your employees’ success. Give your new employees the tools they need to do their job well with job-specific training. Different employees learn best in different ways, so make sure your training programs can be adapted as needed. Your employees should have access to training materials they can reference later if they need a refresher. Provide your expectations and any metrics that will be used to judge performance during the training as well.

A successful onboarding experience gets your new employees off to a great start at your company. It sets the tone for the rest of their time with you. Be deliberate about your onboarding process. Have a plan and make sure that those involved are familiar with it and know how to carry out their responsibilities.

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